Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition


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Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
Recommended Age: Ages 12+
Number of Players: 3-6 Players

Shipping in a massive (12” x 24”) epic-size box, this new giant-size edition of  Twilight Imperium features more than 200 masterfully sculpted oversize plastic miniatures - the typical TI units (Ground Forces, Cruisers, Dreadnaughts, Carriers, Fighters, PDS, and Space Docks) as well as two new units (the massive War Sun, and the Destroyer). TI3 contains new oversize board tiles, more than 400 cards, every known civilization of the Twilight Imperium universe, almost every expansion rule and component ever published for Twilight Imperium, a gorgeous graphical overhaul, and an impressive full-color rules set.



The Twilight Imperium gameplay has been refined and redone by original designer Christian T. Petersen. The new design features faster gameplay, and involves players in a far more active game experience, with much less downtime. In addition, TI3 will include the new "Race Cards," as well a dramatic new approach to the structure of the gameplay itself using the new "Command" system.


Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition is nothing short of a massive epic release, and is destined to become a classic for years to come. FFG has directed all its craft, talent, and energy into this massive production. Are you ready for another age of Twilight? 



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Space Opera at its finest.
Review by Warchirf on 27/12/14
Oh-My-Gosh! what an epic game. 'epic' does not seem to define it accurately, but it is the best i can come up with.

if you like grand strategy, space opera, intrigue, politics, diplomacy, betrayal, resource management and so forth, this is a game for you!

despite other reviews on the internet, the core mechanics for this game are relatively simple for the scale of this game. the rules are clear and well written and in the many games i have played this year we have had little, if any, rules disputes. most of the complicated mechanics come into effect when cards are drawn, or actions taken. but regardless, instructions are written well enough to get through any turn with little conflict.

the largest game i have played is five players (one off the max), and it was just as fun as the smallest game i have played (three players - the minimum). dynamics change, but ultimately the enjoyment remains.

this is not a game for those who have an hour to burn, or want some after dinner fun with friends - this is a game for a dedicated bunch of players who have a whole day to play. although i said the rules are simple, but there are many options and strategies that can take place.

this is one of my favorite games and i play this often with my family and friends. it is a game that is often spoken about weeks after as a fondly remembered event.

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