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Manufacturer: Z-Man Games
Recommended Age: Ages 10+
Number of Players: 2-4 Players

Four diseases have broken out in the world and it is up to a team of specialists in various fields to find cures for these diseases before mankind is wiped out. 

Players must work together, playing to their characters' strengths and planning their strategy of eradication before the diseases overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks. For example, the Operation Specialist can build research stations, which are needed to find cures for the diseases. The Scientist needs only 4 cards of a particular disease to cure it instead of the normal 5. 

But the diseases are outbreaking fast and time is running out: the team must try to stem the tide of infection in diseased areas while also towards cures. 

A truly cooperative game where you all win or you all lose.



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Classic for a reason
Review by Shawn on 5/03/17
Pandemic is an amazing game, and it's been popular so long for a reason. It's great for being on a team and making people work together, I especially like playing it after playing a competitive game to clear the air and make everyone happy again! The different characters and abilities mean you can have some variety each time you play, and the way the cards come out and are reshuffled to the top after epidemics is great for making you have to manage your high-risk cities. Can you leave Paris with 3 cubes for a turn, or is it too dangerous?! Awesome game
Pandemic - can't we just work together?
Review by Chris on 29/12/14
Pandemic relies on you and your gaming companions to be good at working together...actually it requires you to be very, very good at working together!
Well, come on, the world is relying on you to save it from a huge disease outbreak; think, the black plague just modern and heaps worse.

The game requires you to travel the globe with your teammates, treat disease-stricken countries and gather information about the four diseases, in the hope of finding a lasting cure.
But at every turn, new countries will become infected and you never know when you might just draw an epidemic card. If you haven't kept on top of infections, the world may just become that little bit scarier!
Pandemic is hard to beat, sometimes it can be "Nintendo hard", but you will always finish a game by wondering how you can do better next time and what your team needs to do to avert the next "end of the world".
Team: assemble! - colaborative board game fun
Review by Warchirf on 27/12/14
Oh No! there is an outbreak! Quick, assemble a team of experts to deal with this catastrophe!

and thus the game begins. you are one of these experts and your job, along with the other players, is to contain and cure the many outbreaks over the world.
the game mechanics are simple which allow player formed strategies to 'beat the game', opposed to beating each other. the game is challenging and has multiple 'difficulty levels' depending on how you want to play.
my gaming group has beaten this game on the simple level, but have been defeated on the others. it is a hard game and requires some lateral thinking.
great game for a wide age range and is good fun for an hour or two.

highly recommended for team based play styles.

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