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Sticky Mosaics Stick 'n Style Fun With Fashion Kit

Manufacturer : The Orb Factory
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Sticky Mosaics Stick 'n Style Fun With Fashion Kit

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t’s been said before, but we’ll repeat it because it’s so true-accessories make the outfit! And with the opportunity to bedazzle a ponytail holder, 3 headbands and 4 bracelets, you will surely make every outfit you wear! You have over 600 shimmery jewels to customize your accessories with, so no other girl’s accessories will look quite the same as your completely original designs. Fashion isn’t meant to be serious, but you will have serious fun with this superbly personal fashion kit!
Includes over 600 shimmering jewels, ponytail holder, 3 headbands and 4 bracelets.

Sticky Mosaics make it easy to create your own magnificent mosaic artwork. Follow the numbers to place the colourful sticky foam squares onto fun patterns. Many of the new Sticky Mosaics products combine self adhesive jewels and shaped holographic foil pieces for even more sparkle and shine!

Short discription
The Orb Factory has been enlivening the minds of children for 15 years. When your child plays with our products, you can be assured that they have been tested and considered safe according to the strictest international guidelines.

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