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The Settlers of Catan: Cities & Knights - Expansion

Manufacturer : Mayfair Games
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The Settlers of Catan: Cities & Knights - Expansion

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Dark clouds are gathering over the peaceful island of Catan. Wild barbarians, attracted by the wealth of Catan, sailed to attack the country. Fortunately, warning has given Catan time to meet the danger. The size of the barbarian army corresponds to the number of cities in Catan. Thus, for Catan to fend off the barbarian attack, the players must form a knight force as strong as the barbarian force.

In addition to fending off the barbarians, players compete to build the three great metropolises of Catan. Each of these magnificent centers are worth two additional victory points. To build a metropolis, players must invest in city improvements. To acquire these improvements, players must acquire the three new types of Trade Cards: Coinage, Paper, and Cloth. These cards can only be gained by building a city next to mountain, forest, or pasture hexes. If you improve your culture, muster your knights, and enrich your cities, you will be the master of the great realm of Catan!

This is the 4th edition and features all new artwork, and an insert tray with space to hold game components from Cities and Knights 5-6 Player Extension.

* 1 Barbarian Tile
* 36 Commodity Cards
* 54 Progress Cards
* 6 Victory Point Cards
* 4 Development Flip-charts
* 12 City Walls - in 4 colours
* 24 wooden Knights - in 4 colours
* 2 Sheets of Knight Labels
* 3 wooden Metropolis pieces
* 1 wooden Barbarian Ship
* 1 wooden Merchant figure
* 1 Game Rules booklet
* 1 Almanac
* 1 six-sided die
* 1 custom event die

Short discription
Dark clouds are gathering over the peaceful island of Catan. Wild barbarians, attracted by the wealth of Catan, sailed to attack the country. For Catan to fend off the barbarian attack, the players must form a knight force as strong as the barbarian force. Features all new artwork

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Customer Reviews

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An worthy expansion that makes the game even better !! Review by Kaijiun

This is my first boardgame in Australia, and the catan is with Cities & Knight expansion. I had to say I am really amazed on how different route you can go and really like the flipping of my own booklet when upgrading to the next stage.
The best of all, I won the game in my first time (w lots of lucky roll i think) ;).

After this, I have a change to play just the base game and it just feel so much lacking elements in the game. So for me, the base game can be only considered complete with the existence of this expansion set !

(Posted on 5/10/12)

Recommended Expansion. Review by Josh

Cities and Knights is a great expansion to the Settlers board game. It adds in quite a few different aspects to the game. It takes away a little bit more of the luck aspect of the game, and adds a a bit more strategy. You can choose to develop your cities down different routes, each one giving you upgrades and bonuses as you go. It adds in the elements of "Progress Cards", sometimes helping you out with the development of your village, or perhaps maybe allowing you to to steal resources from other players...
It also now has "Barbarians" which come and attack your town every now and again, and you must work together somewhat to defend the town or reap the consequences. A must have expansion for a very popular board game. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 8/01/12)

The Best Catan Expansion for Hardcore Catan Fans Review by Andrew

This expansion for the classic Settlers of Catan keeps the game play mechanics of the original true while adding the most amount of complexity for more advanced players looking to spice up their game.

Cities and Knights is not for the beginner adding commodities, more complex knights, barbarian attack, another die to roll and three separate development type card decks among others while all the elements of the original game are preserved. With these additional elements, it can add significant time onto how long it normally takes to play Catan too!

My personal favourite expansion when playing with Catan loving friends. A great way to spice things up on a classic board game.

(Posted on 9/08/11)

For people who want to spice up Catan Review by Jorg

Catan: Cities & Knights is the second large expansion to The Settlers of Catan, the popular board game.

Because this is an expansion, the setting is not different from Catan: the game places each player in the role of a Settler on the island of Catan, fighting for domination and the largest colony.

The gameplay of Cities & Knights changes the core game in the following way:

The addition of Commodity cards.
Commodity cards are: coins, paper and cloth. If a player builds a city on either an ore hex, a lumber hex or a wool hex, he will not receive two of the resource, but one resource and one commodity.

The Building cost cards are replaced by a flip-over City Upgrade Calendar.
There are three different upgrade paths: yellow, green and blue. An upgrade can be bought using commodity cards. There are three large bonuses connected to these upgrade paths: at the third level the player gains a special ability, and the more you upgraded the easier it is to acquire Progress Cards. The sixth and final level is turning a city into a Metropolis, which is worth 4 victory points.

Development cards are no longer used. Instead, they are replaced by Progress Cards.
There are three different types of Progress cards. One has military type cards, one has resource type cards and the last has cards that affect the game itself. These cards are no longer bought using resources, but acquired based on the state of your City Upgrades. The game adds a special dice for this purpose. This dice has three sides with a Barbarian ship on it, one blue side, one green side and one yellow side. Depending on this dice and the normal dice roll, a player can take a Progress card.

Barbarian attacks.
The special dice is rolled and shows a Barbarian ship, the barbarians move closer to the island of Catan. After seven moves, the Barbarians invade! Their strength is equal to the number of cities in the game, and players have to work together to repel the invasion using their Knights. A win can result in receiving progress cards or victory points, a loss results in losing a city.

Soldiers are replaced by the titular Knights.
Knights are wooden tokens a player can buy to protect himself from the Robber and from the Barbarian attacks described above. When the Barbarians invade, each player must decide how many of his Knights he will use. There are some strategic decisions here, because based on the outcome the player can gain a victory point, or an opponent could lose a city.

Knights and Cities changes the core game quite a bit, but changes it for the best. This expansion is very well suited for people who have played the core game a few times and are ready for a bit more variety to spice up their game.

(Posted on 6/01/11)

4 Item(s)

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