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Find out more about all the latest Magic the gathering cards at Games Paradise special events. Magic: The Gathering is a collectable card game that is based on role-play betwee... read more n two to five people. Over twenty million people worldwide play this popular game using either paper cards or the online version of the game. Magic: The Gathering has won several awards over the years and continue to grow in popularity, and has, as a direct result of this, become subject to various international tournaments. Here at Toyshub we offer a wide selection of this collectable magic and invite you all to start your army of planeswalkers today! Magic: The Gathering can be played in several ways and comes with an extensive rulebook. The popularity of the game is often linked to the complicated rules, and is therefore a game intended for a more mature audience as well as younger players. The game sets the stage for a battle between the powerful magicians called “planeswalkers”. The game starts when the players shuffle their own individual decks and draws seven cards each. Each magician begins the game with 20 life points and will, as the game progresses, lose the life points as he is attacked by summoned creatures or spells. The rules are set for the game, but some creatures and specific cards will override them based on what is stated on the card. A player will lose the round when he has no life points left.

Magic The Gathering Cards Series

The cards in Magic: The Gathering consists of powerful magical creatures and spells divided into five colours; Red, white, brown, green and black. The white cards represents order, equality, law, peace and community and the strength lies in the power of numbers. These white characters has various purposes such as gaining life, equalizing spells and protection. The blue cards represent intelligence, illusion, logic and trickery. These cards can perform tasks such as taking control over the opponents cards, bringing lost cards back to the player, countering spells and many others. The black cards represent power and destruction. These cards can directly take life from other players, forcing players to get rid of certain cards and bringing back dead cards to life. The red cards represents freedom, passion, creativity and warfare. With these cards, you can cast spells that directly damages your opponent, can steal other creatures and divert spells. The green cards represent life, nature, evolution and interdependence. You can regain life points, regenerate and bolster other creatures’ powers as well as many other things using these cards. In addition to this, you find colourless cards, which are either Lands or Artefacts. These land cards produce mana which you use to cast spells or perform other tasks in the game. In a tournament setting a player needs to bring his/her own deck with a minimum of sixty cards. The rules of the tournament varies to the point where some specific cards might be banned from the tournament or you might only be allowed to bring a certain amount. Most tournaments only allows four of any card, apart from Land cards. The strength and power of each card varies, and the price ranges usually from a few cents to thousands of dollars. So the best thing about this game, which probably is one of the main reasons why people love it so much, is that you build your own individual army according to your strategy and game play. Within our extensive range of Magic: The Gathering cards you can find some of the most exciting and powerful dragons, wizards and other creatures in this magical universe. Join the war today and start your own mythical army of supernatural beings. The only question is; which side are you on?